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Tim Scherwa began his career as a financial and investment advisor in 1996. Over his 26 year career, he has learned a wealth of knowledge that has helped his clients address and achieve their financial goals. Personal financial concerns can be a very emotional experience for individuals. Having the right advisor to sit alongside you throughout your journey can be comforting and may help alleviate stressful matters.

Tim has many core beliefs that clients often praise him for. A few examples are…

Trust – Like any relationship in life trust is paramount. Putting the client’s best interest first can lead to a more confident relationship. Clients can enjoy their lives while not worrying who is managing their assets and giving the proper advice.

Listening – This important quality is where many financial advisors may fall short. Every client wants to be heard and understood. Ultimately they may only receive industry jargon and a “one size fits all” approach with no personalization. Tim takes the time to understand the needs of a client because no two are the same. He strives to listen to his clients, educate them and deliver his message in understandable terms.

Problem Solving/Goal Achievement - Many investors focus on the performance of their investments but never identify what their ultimate goal is and how to get there. Without a plan people may never know how to achieve the target they envision. Tim too believes investment performance is important but also believes some sort of roadmap is necessary. We all know we can’t rewind time and make corrections to achieve our aspirations.

Taking The Workload Off You – In the fast paced world we live in one can be overwhelmed by the amount of information we receive and the tasks they can create. If requested Tim will work in concert with your CPA, attorney, other family members, etc., to take the burden away from clients having to do the legwork themselves. His attention to detail leads to a more efficient relationship that clients seek. Life is short so why not focus on the things you enjoy.

Communication – Many studies have shown that communication is a major concern of clients. People want to be reassured that their assets are being monitored and concerns are being addressed. Tim believes contact is a very important aspect of a client relationship and strives to deliver this quality.


Tim Scherwa’s credentials have contributed to the reason he has attracted and maintained long standing relationships with his clients. His most notable experiences are working 17 years at Morgan Stanley as a Vice President in the Wealth Management division and 4 years as a Vice President with Wells Fargo Advisors in conjunction with their Private Bank unit. He holds multiple securities and insurance licenses along with a Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law license which pertains to laws, regulations, ethics, and other topics such as retirement planning, portfolio management and fiduciary responsibilities. He has also been recognized as a multi-year award winner of the Five Star Wealth Managers Award that recognizes many positive professional traits including client satisfaction.

Although Tim’s primary office is in New Jersey he works on a national level as well.

Five Star Award important compliance disclosure

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Tim Scherwa

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